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AmeriCamp Program Costs

  • Stage 1 - $70 AUD

    Once we have received your application fee of $70, one of our fantastic team members will contact you with an application. This contributes towards the overall total of $549 upon placement and has to be paid in order for us to schedule your interview. This Stage One fee is used in order to show your full commitment to taking part in the AmeriCamp program and is non-refundable after completion of your interview.

  • Stage 2 - $160 AUD

    Once you have completed your interview, your interviewer will write up your interview notes and attach them to your application for Camp Directors to read. You will then be asked to pay the Stage Two fee of $160, submit three references and an application video. Once you have submitted all of your required Stage Two documents, your application will be sent across to the US and will start to circulate around the hundreds of different camps we work with! When a Camp Director likes the look of your application you will be put on what is called ‘review’. You may be asked to have a Skype or Phone call with the Camp Director or you may get ‘#plACed’ straight away!

  • Stage 3 - $319 AUD

    Upon receiving a job offer from camp, you will then be asked to confirm your placement by paying the final Stage Three fee of $319. This fee includes confirmation of your placement, sponsorship of your J1 Visa, 90 days comprehensive medical insurance for your time in the USA. Please note, the Stage Three fee must be paid within 10 days of receiving your job offer in order to confirm your placement with camp.

Third Party Costs

  • Criminal Background Check - $42 AUD

    A Criminal Background Check is a mandatory requirement for applying for AmeriCamp, as you are working directly with children at Summer Camp. The Criminal Background must be dated within 6 months prior to your camp start date. If you have any previous convictions, cautions or arrests then you must inform AmeriCamp before you submit your application.

  • US J1 Cultural Exchange Visa - $160 USD + $45 AUD

    AmeriCamp will sponsor you to take part on the J1 Cultural Exchange program and will provide in depth instructions on how to apply for your J1 Cultural Exchange Visa. The $160 USD fee for your visa is paid directly towards the US Department of State when you apply for your visa and book your appointment. A $45 visa handling fee will be applied to your account for the shipment and handling of your DS2019 form – once this has been paid, your DS2019 form will be dispatched to you in order to take along to your embassy appointment.

  • Medical - $0-100 AUD

    To take part in AmeriCamp, you are required to submit a signed medical form from your doctor, this is for insurance purposes and to declare that you are fit and healthy to take part in the program. Along with your medical form, you will need to include a list of your vaccinations and immunisations. It is common for GPs to charge for this medical form and each GP will have different pricing plans, however, if your GP is charging more than $100 AUD then please contact AmeriCamp for further advice and guidance.

  • Flights - $1,000 - 1,700 AUD

    We will help you with the booking of your flights and provide great deals through our in house service. You have flexibility in booking your own flights, meaning you can change your date of your flight if plans change.


  • Earn up to - $1950 USD

    We are proud to say that we offer the highest wages within the Summer Camping industry!

    You can earn up to $1950 USD depending on your age, skill and the role you are placed within at camp.

    • If you are 18 years old then will be earning a minimum of $1500 USD.

    • If you are 19-20 years old then you will be earning a minimum of $1600 USD.

    • If you are over 21 years old and over then your salary will be $1750 USD.

    If you are a qualified ACA recognised lifeguard you will earn an extra $100

    If you are placed at a special needs camp you will earn an additional $100


As well as having an unforgettable summer in America, there are a number of benefits to becoming an AmeriCamper!


• Placement at one of the best camps in America.

• All meals covered whilst you work at camp.

• Free accommodation for the duration of your camp placement.

• Comprehensive medical insurance for the full duration of your camp contract.

• 24 hour helpline in the USA if you have any problems.

• Guidance and sponsorship for your J-1 visa and cultural exchange permits, which allows you to work in the US and earn a salary.

• Flight flexibility and Discounted Flights.

• The opportunity to travel once you have completed your placement you have the option to travel for 30 days before you return home!

• Full support throughout the application process.

• Access to our exclusive New York After Party!

...and so much more!

• More money earned overall with us than any other organisation

• Work opportunities following completion of summer camp placement in your domestic country.

• Personal help with your application at our AmeriCamp in Sydney if you require it.

• Brilliant and personal customer service.

• Fun orientations – we will make sure you are fully prepared for camp and will introduce you to people going to the same camp as you!

• Flexible local interview.

• #FreeBiscuits!

• A great tan.

• Free T-Shirt.

• Discounted hoodies and t-shirts.

• Discounts with companies affiliated with AmeriCamp such as Camp Thailand, AusJobCamp Cambodia, Camp South Africa, and Invasion.

• Great addition to your CV.

• Invitations to AmeriCamp reunions and events.

• Friendships that will last forever, all around the world!

• Fantastic work experience.

• Memories that will last a lifetime!


Did you know?

The majority of our AmeriCampers apply to become Campus Managers for us when they get back from doing AmeriCamp!

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