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Lee McAteer, AmeriCamp Founder turns office into the World’s Largest Adult Ball Pit

In May 2017 Lee McAteer AmeriCamp founder turned AmeriCamp HQ into the world’s biggest adult ball pit. Yeah you heard it right, the world’s BIGGEST adult ball pit… in our office!


How did Lee McAteer, AmeriCamp Founder turn the office into the world’s biggest adult ball pit?

Lee drafted in the help of the awesome What Marketing Company team and Ball Mania, a Manchester based company supplying balls for adult ball pits. The best part of this is the staff had absolutely no idea, it was a complete and utter surprise! The staff literally arrived at work as normal and were greeted by a giant ball pit. To say it was the best day ever is an understatement! People even came to work later in the day specifically for the ball pit! Check out the video below, I think you’ll understand why…



Lee McAteer AmeriCamp founder and the team arrived at the office at 3am to turn the office into a ball pit, all to make sure no one had a clue.  It took four hours to turn the office into a ball pit containing 250,000 balls… meaning they were pumping over 50,000 balls into the office an hour!

Lee McAteer AmeriCamp founder said “all of our staff are a family, to do a incredible job you’ve got to love what you do.” “What better way to show you appreciate your family then giving them the world’s biggest adult ball pit as a surprise?” Lee McAteer AmeriCamp founder, along with a few other colleagues, spent 6 hours removing the balls from the office, which must have been one of the reasons as to why he was referred to as “Britains Best Boss”.


A little more about AmeriCamp…

AmeriCamp HQ is home to an incredible portfolio of travel brands including Camp Thailand, Camp South Africa, Camp Canada and Invasion. Over the past few years these brands have grown extremely quickly, sending thousands of people abroad yearly!

AmeriCamp is a cultural exchange program sending thousands of 18-30 year olds to work at Summer Camps in America. Want more information about the awesome AmeriCamp program? Check out our brochure here.

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