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Our AmeriCamp story and #FreeBiscuits Obsession

AmeriCamp was founded on the simple belief that you should be able to go to Camp and be paid a salary that will allow you to travel the States afterwards. It was the key to our AmeriCamp story!

We now send thousands of participants across the world to work at Camp and now have offices in Scotland, Dublin, Spain, Czech Republic, and Hungary. AmeriCamp also run the hugely successful AmeriCamp Canada, which offers over 18s the chance to take part in the Summer Camp experience in Canada.

AmeriCamp are also the founding sister company of Camp Thailand, Camp Maldives, Camp South Africa, Camp.co.uk, Camp Vietnam and Camp Cambodia which collectively send over 2,000 people abroad each year to help provide an education to disadvantaged children.

But what about the #FreeBiscuits?

We all know nobody can turn down a good ol’ biscuit but the real story goes something like this:

One night the founders were sitting around a table discussing the beginnings of an amazing company they would soon call AmeriCamp. As the details of the organisation were being kicked around they cracked open a pack or two of custard creams. This soon sparked a fierce ‘best biscuit’ debate, and so when AmeriCamp was finally born, the founders wanted to share the love of their favourite biscuits with all and so… #FreeBiscuits!

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